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Dragonfly is a web framework for newLISP. Development started in June 2009. It focuses on speed, small memory consumption and a small learning curve. Other goodies are a plug and play architecture for plugins and a very easy deployment. It's possible to use it with the builtin newLISP webserver.

Ten reasons for tasting Dragonfly...

  1. You want performance
  2. You want a framework that will run everywhere and is easy to deploy
  3. You want a framework that's designer friendly
  4. You want a framework that bends to your will, not you to it
  5. You want a small memory footprint
  6. You want a documented framework
  7. You want clean and search-friendly URLs
  8. You want to create RESTful APIs
  9. You love newLISP
  10. And discovering new programming styles

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