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About the authors

Dragonfly development was started in June 2009 by Marc Hildmann. He developed on his own until version 0.20. Since October 2009 Greg Slepak is on board and doing a lot of core programming. In November 2009 their first big release - Dragonfly 0.50 - happened.

Marc Hildmann

Marc HildmannMarc Hildmann is a web developer since 1998, started writing apps in pure PHP, tried a little bit Ruby on Rails, experimented with some PHP Frameworks like Codeigniter and finally discovered newLISP. He's interested in retro-computing, especially the first XEROX machines and the good old SGI Indy.

Greg Slepak

Greg SlepakGreg Slepak's primary area of expertise is in software development. He's written software in a variety of languages, on a variety of platforms, for a variety of purposes. He is the author of the folder encryption tool Espionage, and is "Master Chef" at Tao Effect LLC.

How Do we "sell" Dragonfly?! Well ...

"You want a framework which generates clean and searchfriendly URLs."
- Marc

"It's Designer Friendly!"
- Greg

"You want a framework with a small memory footprint."
- Marc

"Power. Speed. Simplicity."
- Greg

"It's not a bloated app framework. It doesn't create a gigantic folder heirarchy. It doesn't tell you how to write your web app. It doesn't ask you to learn a new handicapped templating language. It doesn't even require you to create your own routes, the defaults are often enough for most website layouts. Best of all, everything's newLISP. Everything's fast."
- Greg


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